Barossa Valley
26th July

Singles Round 1
26 golfers headed north for Round 1 of the singles. Qualifying was held back in early February at Aston Hills and many top 16 qualifiers were unavailable as were a few reserves. Peter Robinson was the 16th ranked after qualifying 26th!!
When I arrived this morning it was 2 degrees , the hot air balloons were floating and the day ended up perfect. The course had fast greens and there were preferred lies in bunkers and on fairways.
It was also the third round of the eclectic.
I will start with the singles results:
Warren Smith (1) v Peter Robinson (16) - Robinson 3 & 1 and taking revenge on being dumped in the pairs.
Martin Smith (2) v Randy Wallace (15) - Smith 1up but then headed off to the footy for some heart break
Ivan Wootton (3) v Darren Bartholomew (14) - Wootton 1up and a dark horse for winning overall.
Geoff Rigby (4) v Damian Murphy (13) - A very vocal group out on the course today but Murphy too good 2up
Alan Hincks (5) v Darren McCard (12) - Alan 6 & 5, the easiest win for the day
Clem Bennett (6) v Ray McCard (11) - Ray stuck around but Jonah the big hitting kiwi too good and second biggest defeat of the day 5 & 4
Frank Poser (7) v Dave Larcombe (10) - Larcombe in a close one 2 & 1
Dave Wilmshurst (8) v Corey Mather (9) - Corey the destroyer was way too good winning 4 & 2.
The winner for the day and the only player to beat their handicap was Corey Mather 37 points. Corey finished the last 3 holes 4,4,3 to claim victory by 1 shot over Graham Sandercock 36 points. 3rd losing on a count back also scoring 36 was Alan Hincks who also scored an eagle on the 11th hole, Well done Al. 4th in a count back was Warren McCard 35 over 5th Dave Champion who scored 35 off a handicap of 6. Rounding out the top 6 was Clem Bennett 33 on a count back over an unlucky Andrew Saint and Barclay Matthews.
Longest drive went to Clem Bennett while nearest to the pins were Alan Hincks (par3) with a birdie and Dave Wilmshurst (par4). NAGA for the day was Frank Poser 22.
Next game is in 2 weeks at Balaklava for the Dinning Trophy and some country home cooking.
Next round of the Singles will be:
Martin Smith v Dave Larcombe
Ivan Wootton v Clem Bennett
Alan Hincks v Damian Murphy
Corey Mather v Peter Robinson


Eclectic Leader board Round 2

After two rounds of the Eclectic Trophy, Alan Hincks leads on 44 points, one point in front of Corey Mather on 43, and then both Bartman and Mark Smart on 42. Corey is in a great position to take the lead next round, as he as two holes with zero score, meaning he has the most potential to improve his score. The remaining Eclectic Rounds are Barossa (26 Jul), Tanunda (23 Aug), Murray Bridge (30 Aug) and Links Lady Bay (13 Sep).


Sandy Creek Results 28th June

Pairs Round 2 @ Sandy Creek 28/6/20
29 golfers faced perfect conditions today. It was fresh but we had calm blue skies. The greens were fast and the rough hid a lot of balls. We had preferred lies on the fairways and in the bunkers and the flag stick was still left in the hole.
There were 3 pairs matches with Warren McCard and Mark Smart already progressing through to the next round.
Alan Hincks/Geoff Rigby defeated Graham Sandercock/Barclay Matthews 4 & 3.
Darren Bartholomew/Brett Greenshields defeated Martin Smith/Dave Larcombe 4 & 3.
Darren McCard/Colin McPhedran defeated Jamie Coulthard/Tony Mudge 2 up.
Semi-final games will be
Warren McCard/Mark Smart v Darren McCard/Colin McPhedran
Alan Hincks/Geoff Rigby v Darren Bartholomew/Brett Greenshields.
Scoring was tough with no golfer breaking their handicap.
The winner for the day was Alan Hincks 33 points. 2nd place was Peter Robinson 32 points. 3 golfers scored 31 points with Brett Greenshields 3rd over David Wilmshurst 4th and Colin McPhedran 5th. Rounding out the top 6 was John McKenzie 30 points.
NAGA for the day was Ivan Wootton 14 points. Longest drive went to Brett Greenshields while nearest to the pins were Ivan Wootton (par3) and Dave Champion (par4).
Next game in 2 weeks is the Golf Getaway - at this stage around 14 golfers will be playing plus a few partners attending.


Updated Golf Program - June 2020

Updated 2020 Program
The golf season returns to normal, at our event at Murray Bridge on 14th June.
Please link below to updated program, where we have moved things around to accommodate the singles and pairs matches in full.
Please note, those round 1 pairs matches that were not played at Mount Osmond, are now to be played next round at Murray Bridge.  The committee has done it’s best to get things back on track, so you will note that some of the trophy days / events have been combined on to the same day.
Advice on what we are doing for the Winter Getaway will follow, after the golf committee meets again on Wed night.
Hope to see you soon.
Darren McCard


Winter Golf Getaway 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there remains uncertainty as to whether the Renmark Hotel can accommodate a large social gathering for drinks, dinner, etc.  Recognising that some members may not want to attend under these circumstances and some members will want to go regardless of the circumstances, the committee carefully considered a number of options including cancelling the event, deferring, or proceeding.  We have decided to go ahead under the following conditions:

•          Members need to arrange their own accommodation

•          Members recognise that we may not be able to have a traditional Getaway with organised group drinks, dinners, breakfasts or ladies event

•          Members accept any risk associated with bookings, deposits, etc.

The committee was confident that we could not find a solution that would suit everyone.  We had feedback that indicated that enough people wanted to go as is, to make it worthwhile.


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